We are an all American family in love with mans best friend.
Our Breeding program started in the year 2000 we have placed well over 300 CKC registered puppies into loving homes.
If you’ve spent any time researching the Labradoodle breed, you’ve already learned that Labradoodles were first bred as service dogs – a dog that combined the intelligence of the Labrador, with the hypo-allergenic quality coat of a Poodle. The instincts that brought these two breeds together created a breed that is ideal for service – Labradoodles are intelligent, highly intuitive, easy to train, and ideal for working with either adults or children.

Luvdoodles, produce Labradoodles that are perfect for Service or Assistance dog training. Our Labradoodles have been entered into training programs to become service dogs. Our Labradoodles service dogs help people in the following ways:
Hearing Alert Dogs – Assist owners with recognizing audible sounds, telephone, doorbell, emergency alarms, etc.
Seizure alert Dogs – Are able to alert owners of an oncoming seizure, or can alert caregivers to a seizure.
Guide Dogs – Help owners who are suffering from visual impairment.
Support Dogs – Provide assistance for people suffering from balance disorder, including physical support.
Psychological Support Dogs – Assist owners that are suffering from Post Traum atic Stress Disorder.
Therapy Dogs – These dogs are not considered part of the legal definition of service dogs, but are used increasingly to provide emotional support; especially useful with the elderly and children dealing with autism or sensory integration disorders.
It’s easy to see these beautiful, labradoodles and mistakenly believe that these are clown dogs, or trick dogs. Certainly our Labradoodles  are highly intelligent and adept at a variety of training, but their intuitive nature is one of the most import considerations as service dogs. They seem to sense the needs of the owner and instantly provide for them.
Labradoodles were first bred in the mid to late 1980’s in Australia. Over the last few years, as Labradoodles have become more visible with celebrities and others, the popularity of the breed has increased. Of course, we know that the dogs are also popular because they are beautiful, loving companions. That’s why so many people are looking for Labradoodles for sale.
When you select Labradoodle puppies, you have an opportunity to establish a unique bond with your dog. We observe our puppies carefully. As a result, we notice personality characteristics, energy levels, and spiritedness. We consider all these traits when we match our Labradoodles for sale with prospective owners. We want to place our Labradoodles for sale into loving homes where the dogs are a good match for the owner’s lifestyle.
At Luvdoodles , we get to know the personality and abilities of all our pups. When we make recommendations for a dog for service dog training, we know that our Labradoodles are up to the demands of challenging service dog training. Not only do our Labradoodle puppies become great service dogs, but devoted members of the family.To see some of our litters, go to: www.luvdoodlesusa.com