Birth Training &Health

Our puppies are delivered by Mommies and Owners.
Each and every puppy is inprinted at birth with human touch.
They remain with thier Mommies until the weaning process begins in  about 4 weeks
They are given thier first shots at 5 weeks and wormed as well
They are started on potty training and personalities are watch carefully
They are profiled for thier forever home owners
They have thier first litter health check with our Veterinarian
Between 6 and 8 weeks they are united with thier new families

Adoption Process

Each interested family will read and fill out  our puppy agreement
If and when approved they will then pick a puppy from our pictures on website
A deposit for puppy will be made on website or in person
An appointment will be set for an arranged meeting with new potiential family

Puppy Pricing

Puppy prices depends on thier color, coat , breeding parents, and personalities
But start at $600.00 and go up to $1500.00
Our solids Blacks are $600
Our Solid Chocolates are $800.00
Our Phantoms are $1,000
Our Parti's our $1,200
Our Phanton Parti's are $1,500
F2B Solids,  $600 - 900  Low shed  (SCRUFFY COAT)
F3B Black and White Chocolate and White,  $1,000.00 hypoallergenic 100% shed free (non parti)
F3B Parti's $ 1,200, 100% shed free hypoallergenic
F3B Parti's phantoms $1500, 100% shed free hypoallergenic